My name is Miki. I’m #NewHere. I’ve b…

My name is Miki. I'm #NewHere. I've been following Diaspora for several years, and have finally taken the step of joining and creating a profile. I hope my friends and contacts on Facebook and WordPress will do the same, and share with me here. Parlo, llegeixo i escric en #Català. Leo bien, hablo mal y escribo peor #Español.

"The personal life, deeply lived, becomes universal." -Anais Nin. Shared, I feel it can become an act of revolutionary art and love.

I have a website and journal at #blogger.

I am a friend and a parent, an artist and a dancer. My current practice is in contact improv dance, site specific performance, and writing. I am a woman. I used to be called Michael Bantjes, and under that name I have worked as a sculptor, a designer and theatre consultant. I'm a feminist, a pacifist and an activist for transgender rights. Semi-retired, I am learning how to resist patriarchal fascism by becoming as free as I can from the bondage of money. Ideally I would be an anarchist, but for practical reasons I call myself a grassroots social democrat. I'm bisexual, or pan/polysexual. I am in my fifties, divorced from the mother of my 2 adult children. I try to reduce my energy consumption and carbon footprint. This I do by walking and riding my bike and growing and making my own food using ethically and organically produced ingredients, as much as I can. I oppose sexism, ageism and racism. I appreciate and am fascinated by other cultures, modern and ancient. While almost an athiest, I am a little superstitious and somewhat of an animist. I believe in love.

#ContactImprov #SiteSpecificPerformance #PerformanceArt #Dance #Feminist #Transgender #Queer #Pacifist #IdleNoMore #FermentedFood #Saskatoon #Montreal #Catalonia #Catalunya